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Woman in workout clothing resting against a wall with a bottle of water in her hand.

Personalized, virtual fitness coaching for every body.

Sustainable weight loss and strength programs from the comfort of your home, the gym, or both!

Are you looking to create a fitness and nutrition routine that you can carry with you for life? I am passionate about helping others make fitness and nutrition a sustainable part of their lives instead of constantly starting over, and over… and over!

The diet industry is built on your failure!

As your coach I’ll create a long term strength plan that helps you build muscle and a nutrition plan that keeps you fueled and focused throughout the day. Besides the physical benefits of movement, I focus on building a positive environment for all of my clients to help each of them break the cycle of yo-yo dieting for life!

Taylor Hester stretching on a sport field.

Hey, I’m Taylor!

I grew up relying on my athleticism to help me stay in shape. By the time my collegiate volleyball career ended, I realized I had absolutely no idea how to lose weight, maintain strength, fuel my body properly, or view my body’s capabilities in a positive light. So, I did what any 20-something would do: I tried every workout plan and fad diet in the book!

I spent my early 20’s hopping on and off diet plans and going through periods of intense workout routines while trying to learn how to balance adulthood. I didn’t see any significant results and thought it was because “I didn’t want my results badly enough.” I decided that I wanted to learn as much as I could about strength training, nutrition, and weight loss. A few months later, I began studying to become a certified personal trainer.

After becoming a mother myself, I recognized a significant gap between the general population and the diet and fitness industry. We have been trying to sell products and one-size-fits-all workout plans that focus on how quickly we can get you to lose weight, rather than the cultivation of a more powerful body and soul. I decided that I wanted to provide a different approach to health, so I founded Taylor Hester Fitness!

I can’t wait to help you discover how strong you are!

Mother doing exercise while daughter rids on her back. Exercise ball, cell phone, water bottle, yoga mat and weight lying on the floor. Taylor Hester lifting weights in her garage gym.
Mother doing exercise while daughter rids on her back.

Different bodies need different solutions.

Have you tried starting popular fitness routines with little success or adherence?

Do you walk into a gym and wonder “where do I begin?” or even feel a little intimidated? Each of my clients has a built-from-scratch exercise plan that aligns with their lifestyles and goals. I build each plan with YOU in mind so that each of my clients feels strong and successful!

Exercise ball, cell phone, water bottle, yoga mat and weight lying on the floor.

Workouts that fit your life and your budget.

Exercise does not have to be expensive.

As part of your personalized program I’ll utilize any or all equipment that you have access to. There’s no need to run out and purchase gym membership or extra dumbbells!

Taylor Hester lifting weights in her garage gym.

Realistic goals create sustainable lifestyles.

As your coach, I take into account your schedule when helping you formulate your long term goals.

I will intentionally listen to your fitness journey and use evidence-based information to help you develop a plan that you can stick to and enjoy!

“Since working with Taylor, she’s provided me with a structure for my fitness goals, but also helped me to show myself grace during the ups and downs of life.”

Rachel S.

Woman doing stretches at home with her computer.

Work with me virtually!

What to expect as a 1:1 client with me:

  • Customized exercise plan based on client’s ability, access to equipment, and schedule

  • Customized nutrition coaching for long term weight loss success

  • Weekly personal check-ins with Taylor for accountability

  • Direct messaging and demo videos in TrueCoach app

  • Monthly personal video call with Taylor (30-60 mins) to track your progress

Pricing PLans Available!

Month to Month Plan: $200 USD/Month
Plus $25 USD onboarding fee for the first month. No long-term contract required, cancel anytime!

4 Month Contract: $150 USD/Month
Plus $25 USD onboarding fee for the first month. Contract can be canceled at any time with payment of 50% of your remaining contract!

6 Month Contract: $125 USD/Month
Plus $25 USD onboarding fee for the first month. Contract can be canceled at any time with payment of 50% of your remaining contract!

Start your journey by booking a short 15-20 min call. You will be asked to fill out an initial questionnaire when booking your call through Calendly. This will help guide our conversation during  our call.

Get coached

Let’s Start Your fitness Journey Together!

I’m so excited to (virtually) meet you and work with you!

book your call


Call and Initial Questionnaire

Start your journey by booking a short 15-20 min call to introduce myself and chat about your needs.  You will be asked to fill out an initial questionnaire when booking your call through Calendly. This will help guide our conversation during  our call. Our call will take place on Google Meet!


First Payment

If we’re a good fit, we’ll begin the onboarding process. Your nonrefundable onboarding fee and first month’s fees will be due. Reminder that no long-term contract is required, you can cancel at any time after the first month!


Onboarding Paperwork and Download TrueCoach App

After payment, you’ll provide some medical information, exercise history, and fill out a medical release so I can design safe plans for you. I’ll  send you a request to download the TrueCoach App where all your coaching, demo videos, and messaging is located.

book your call

“Taylor really took the time to listen to what I wanted out of a workout plan and made a program built around my needs and the equipment I had at home. She didn’t require I purchase anything and you can tell she really caters to my workouts each week for me. It’s not a ‘one size fits all” approach with Taylor;” it’s individualized and fresh each week. I am never bored in my programming.”

Rachel M.

Pregnant woman stretching on a yoga mat.

Maybe you’re wondering…
”Am I fit enough to hire a fitness coach?”

Of course you are! Everyone starts somewhere! While working with me, we break down your goals into small, positive habits that compound on each other, creating an over-time change!

  • I utilize any fitness equipment you already have for your exercise plan.

  • I take your schedule and lifestyle into consideration when designing for workouts.

  • No auto-generated check-ins! I’ll touch base weekly and schedule a monthly call with you.

You don’t have to be perfect to start your fitness journey today!

If you are waiting for the best time to get healthier, you are letting time pass you by! The little steps that we take right now make a big impact on our futures.

schedule a call

You will be asked to fill out an initial questionnaire when booking your call through Calendly. This will help guide our conversation during  our call.

“Over the past two years with Taylor, I have lost 40 lbs and gained muscle and confidence. More importantly, she walked with me though changing my mindset about weight loss, exercise, and how to create a balanced lifestyle.”

Allison H.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need?

I don’t require my clients to purchase any equipment unless they want to. It’s part of my job to work around the equipment that you already have. I’ll also make sure that your goals align with the equipment you have available to you.

Will you provide me with a meal plan?

Each of my clients require different levels of nutrition coaching support. Assigning specific meals or eating patterns, calories, or macros is outside my scope of practice as a personal trainer. On our call we’ll discuss a level of nutritional support that is beneficial for you.

What if I’m newly postpartum or still nursing?

Newly postpartum clients are required to receive clearance from their OBGYN before beginning an exercise program. Nursing clients are welcome to participate. If nursing is a priority of the client, I will make sure that health goals align to keep the mother’s milk supply up for as long as possible.

Do I need a gym membership?

I have many clients that exercise from home or use dual locations for exercise. A gym membership is not required unless you prefer to exercise at a gym.

What will my monthly fees look like?

Monthly coaching fees are based on your selected pricing plan ($200, $150, or $125 USD/month). Your fees are set to renew every 30 days based on your selected start date. Your first month will include your monthly fee and a one time $25 USD onboarding fee.

There are are three contract options: no contract, 4 month contract, and 6 month contract.  If you decide after the first month that this is not a good fit for you, then you may discontinue after the first month. The "No Contract" option allows you to discontinue without penalty. Both the 4 Month and 6 Month options still allow you to deactivate your account with a payment of 50% of your remaining contract.  Although you may cancel services at any time with each contract, your first month’s fees are nonrefundable.

Why is my first month more expensive and nonrefundable?

I strive to provide the best service to all of my clients. I want to make sure that new clients know they are in the best possible hands with me, so I tediously plan and design their initial exercise program and nutrition plans. The Initial Questionnaire, Discovery Call, and Onboarding process does take initial time away from my current clients, my family responsibilities, and my training.

What will my workouts look like?

This is the best part! They are designed to best suit your lifestyle and ability level. We don’t all have the same goals, so why would we all exercise the same way? We will discuss what an individualized plan will look like on your video call.

How often do you check in with your clients?

Typically clients receive 2 check-ins from me per week and they are responsible for scheduling their monthly call using my Calendly link. I do have clients that check in with me daily as part of their accountability via text message or the TrueCoach messaging app. The TrueCoach app notifies me any time a client comments on a workout or a specific movement. This setting allows me to see what clients are excelling at or struggling with during each workout they complete!